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Thoughts and ideas from Stavro’s Sports Bar
Introduction to Stavro’s Sports Bar
June 17, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Stavro’s Sports Bar


Welcome to Stavro’s Sports Bar - your stop for drinks, wings, pizza, and all the sports you can watch in Calgary, Alberta!

For over 30 years, Stavro’s Sports Bar & Lounge has fed, happily served, and entertained residents of and visitors to Calgary. In the process, Stavro’s has become a cornerstone of the local community. We provide outstanding service, hot, fresh, and delicious food, great company and a lively atmosphere for every fan and every sport. Located in the heart of North Calgary, right between the neighbourhoods of Highwood and Highland Park, Stavro’s Sports Bar is committed to making sure you have a good meal and a great time.

The atmosphere at Stavro’s is among the best of all Calgary sports bars. It’s casual and relaxed, with our attentive staff taking care of all your needs. Our excellent climate control system means you’ll be cool in the summer and warm in the winter - we do our utmost to make your time here as comfortable as possible.

Part of that comfort is you being able to watch sports - after all, we are a Calgary sports bar! It’s only fitting that we have 17 flat-screen wall-mounted TV’s showing 8 video feeds. With that amount of screens, there’s no such thing as a bad seat in Stavro’s Sports Bar - you don’t have to squint or miss a moment of the action from where you’re sitting!

But what is a sports bar without snacks and great food to fuel the passion of sports fans? We make finger-licking good chicken wings and fresh, filling pizzas. There’s no such thing as going hungry at Stavro’s! In addition to that, we offer daily in-house specials for great prices.

In between watching games you can also play them, as we offer a variety of wonderful ways to spend time - we have a pool table, Golden Tee, and 6 VLT's - as well as our own Buzztime Trivia, which you can play at any time during our business hours.

At Stavro’s, we’re proud of our many years of service to the local community. As a result, we have loyal neighbourhood regulars who come in to watch Flames games and support their favourite teams. If you enjoy a friendly, homey atmosphere, Stavro’s Sports Bar is for you.

Imagine a big game night - you and your friends are excited but don’t know where to go. You don’t want to stay at home but you’re hungry, too, and want to warm up before the game starts. Stavros has you covered! You can get a cold beer and a hot pizza for you and your group while waiting for the game. Compete with your friends at trivia or play a round or three of pool. And all of that in the lively, buzzing atmosphere of our bar and lounge.

At Stavro’s Sports Bar, one of the oldest Calgary sports bars, we know how to take care of you and yours the right way. The Stavro’s way! So come by and find out what we’re all about. You’ll be glad you did!