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5 Reasons Why You Need to Watch Your Favorite Sport at a Hockey Bar in Calgary
September 3, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Stavro’s Sports Bar

It’s almost that time of year again. Soon we will get to enjoy the thrill of our favorite athletes gliding down the ice making impossible shots or delivering vicious floor checks.

You live for these moments and you deserve the best venue to watch every game, especially the big rivalry and playoff action. That includes eating the best food, savoring the best beer and drinks, and enjoying the game with all of your friends.

We are not saying that you wouldn’t enjoy the game at your home or a friend’s place, but we know you will have more fun and enjoy the game more at a great hockey bar in Calgary like Stavro's.

The Food Is Better at Stavro's

Sure, you could microwave some nachos or bring home takeout for the game. We think that nothing goes better with great hockey action than terrific food. Stavro’s Sports Bar has the best game day food in town, from our luscious and buttery pizza garlic fingers to our classic pizza selections and wings. You can also enjoy perfectly cooked burgers, pasta made from our own in house recipes, and so much more.

Your game day food should always be as great as the game you are watching. At Stavro's Sports Bar you know that you will get the best of both.

No Mess to Clean Up

When you invite your friends over for the big game, you definitely have a great time while everyone is there. Then after the game ends and your party leaves, you get stuck with the mess.

Don’t spend hours that evening or the next day picking up bottles, plates, and other trash. Tell your friends that you will meet them at Stavro's, the best hockey bar in Calgary. They will thank you for it after sampling some of the best game day food and drinks anywhere.

Room for All of Your Friends

Many of you would love to host a big game party for all of your friends, but your small apartment with just a couch and a few dining room seats can’t fit everyone comfortably. Don’t make everyone squeeze into your cramped place. Call ahead to Stavro’s and reserve seating for all of you. Then come down and enjoy the game in comfort.

No One Hassles You About Monopolizing the Big Screen

Shockingly enough, sometimes other people want to watch your supersized flat screen that you bought (for the most part) just for hockey. It’s hard to understand why anyone would want to watch anything else when your favorite team is on the big screen, but there is just no accounting for some people.

Rather than hassle over the TV, go watch the game at Stavro's, your favorite place for great hockey, great food, and great times.

You Deserve a Premium Game Watching Experience

The best reason why you should go to Stavro's to watch your favorite sport is you. You work hard and should get to enjoy your time watching hockey as much as possible. At Stavro’s Sports Bar we take care of you and your friends by providing the best food, the coldest beer, and the absolute best in mixed drinks.

Why go anywhere else, unless you have tickets, to watch your favorite hockey teams clash. We have everything you need for a great time with your best friends watching the most exciting sport around.

When hockey season finally gets here, don't settle for less than Stavro's. Come down with your friends to enjoy the best hockey environment anywhere.